Read what everyone else is saying about their White Apartment Studios goodies!

This is hands down my new favorite. The scent is insane & I love how her soaps get such a rich luxurious lather!
Urban Mermaid lover for life!
— Brittany, 05/07/2015

Stacey has crafted another masterpiece [Spa Bar]! Her attention to detail really shines!

When you close your eyes and breathe in the smell of the honeysuckle wax melt you are taken to a place where honeysuckles grow naturally on a vine!
I gave this item [A Day at the Beach] as a gift and it was a hit - my fried said it brought her back to her childhood home by the ocean!

It’s amazing how much this soap [Hidden Gemstone Amethyst] looks like an actual rock! I love washing my hands with this soap - there is no lingering chemical smell (like with commercial soap!) and my hands are so soft after use!

I had to refrain from eating this [Lemon Bliss]...it smells DELISH! My whole kitchen smells like lemon!
— Amy, 04/28/2015

I love this [Christmas Morning] scent! Thank you!

I love this sweet [Santa’s Cookies] scent!!

Glittery goodness! This [First Snow] is a beautifully clean scent! White Apartment Studios is wonderful!
— Julie, 10/13/2014

This candle smells wonderful. So much so that my son thinks he can eat. Another favorite :]
— Jessica, 10/7/2014

Best candle ever [Christmas Morning]! I will be ordering way more!!
— Amber, 11/15/2014

This candle is a rose scent, and it is the most perfect rose ever. I wanted to have a candle that reminded me of one evening snuggled up on the couch with my hubby and listening to the rain, we had a rose candle burning and it just ran out. Well this candle is even better smelling than my original one (whose brand I can’t remember) anyways, Stacey the shop owner is amazing, great customer service and she really wants to make the perfect candle for each customer. You can tell her about a memory or a feeling and she will make the perfect candle to replicate that. Thank you Stacey for the extra little tealights too ;)
— Amber, 10/27/2014

These smell great and last a long time! Will be ordering again!
— Meghan, 10/3/2014

Love it [Moisturize & Exfoliate Soap]! Its perfect for my combination skin. Was glad Stacey recommended to me. The Laundry Room smells amazing.Thank you so much for everything.
— Stephanie, 9/28/2014

This scent [Honeysuckle] is absolutely amazing, and I purchased it as a gift for my mother. She fell in love with scent a long time ago, and everyone stopped carrying it. She was so happy when I found this. It arrived in a relatively short amount of time. The gift wrap I requested was very simple, but extremely elegant. The whole thing was beautiful!
— Allie, 9/27/2014

Super fast shipping, beautiful packaging and the card was a very sweet touch. I will most definitely be a returning customer! Oh and the candles smell AMAZING!!
— Brit, 9/12/2014

This is my absolute favorite package from Stacey! I didn’t think she would be able to outdo herself but she definitely managed to! I LOVE the soaps! I’m so impressed with how much detail she puts into them. They smell amazing and I like how well they lather up immediately. I like the little shreds of loofah in the exfoliating soap bar. It definitely exfoliates and moisturizes! The cucumber kiwi smells wonderful and true to the scents. It’s pretty but I know I’ll be using it! The spa bar makes me feel luxurious – it’s softening and moisturizing. The peppermint sugar scrub is even more moisturizing (seriously how do you do it?)! I love the new jar and the new labeling! Thank you SO, SO, SO much! There’s no question why so many stores and individuals are seeking your products.I can’t wait to make another purchase!
— Dia, 9/9/2014

I love this scent [Honeysuckle]. I know that WAS makes all of her scents in her studio and it shows true talent that she is able to capture one so true to nature! I used this in my scentsy burner and I could smell it all over my house! I also love the scent of the sample that was sent - white citrus - I could smell it as soon as I opened my mailbox!
I love my new hidden gem soap! It smells delightful and it’s gentle enough for my super sensitive skin! The packaging was beautifully done, I felt like I was unwrapping a gift. The added personal note was an excellent touch!
— Amy, 8/27/2014

You will not be disappointed in anything you purchase from this shop! I love it all! This soap is great! Smells fab & gets nice and foamy! Love love love it as a face wash!
— Brittany, 8/11/2014

Perfect. My boyfriend loved his Ratatta. :]
— Jessica, 5/12/2014

I love this [personality] candle! It fits me perfectly and received it fast! Love the personalized thank-you card too!
— Angela, 4/24/2014

This [the personality candle] is absolutely amazing! I would do it again.
— Lacey, 4/17/2014
163 (2).PNG

Gorgeous! Love my new scarves! Beautiful rich colors, very soft and super chunky texture yet not too heavy. And the way they were packaged was like receiving a present! Thank You!
— Bonnie, 3/26/2014

[Personality Candle] Wow! When I smelled this candle I was in heaven. It was exactly the kind of scent I’d always imagined. I carried it around for hours just smelling it!
[Honeysuckle] Reminds me of playing in the honeysuckle fields as a kid. This smell is that accurate, not fake at all.
[The Woods] Smells AMAZING! My husband even stole it!
— Morgan, 3/22/2014

Love it! My baby loves playing with it and chewing on it. Very nice and well made
— Meg, 3/6/2014

This scarf is awesome! It feels so warm an fluffy. I chose the orange color and I love it. Definitely worth the buy! <3
— Mariah, 2/25/2014

144 (2).PNG
I love all six fragrances I received. I started burning one the minuet I opened it. I also got a custom scent that couldn’t be any more perfect than it is! The product was shipped very quick less then a week. Thank you so much! This [my custom scent] has to be spot on. I love it so much I mentioned it in the other review. Funny how one can take information about you and put your personality in a candle. Great work!
— Brittany, 2/13/2014

[The Woods] Earthy and warm, cozy and relaxing. Definitely recommend.

[Apple Harvest] Apples with just the slightest touch of cinnamon. It makes my mouth water! I just love the wonderful fragrance of this scent!

[Vanilla] Smells like frosting!!

[A Day at the Beach] This one is my favorite!! Coconut with hints of Jasmin and Pineapple. I close my eyes, gently inhale and it sends me immediately to the Beaches of Kona, HI. Definitely enough to fill the room without feeling punched in the nose ;-)

[French Bread] The scent is uber delicious!
Fast Shipping. Excellent customer service.
— Candis, 2/12/2014

I love my honeysuckle candle! It smells so different then each honeysuckle candle I’ve smelled and makes it all the better! Although the shipping didn’t go quite as expected, Stacey contacted me as soon as she knew and the very next week I got my candles. I also received a sample of the green tea candle and loved that she put in the extra effort. To make everything even better than it already was, Stacey ALSO included a lemon scented candle I had originally asked her if she could make. I am beyond pleased with my order!

My peach candle was just perfect, I haven’t stopped burning it since I got it! I am obsessed. It is such a clean burn, whenever I blow out the candles, it doesn’t barely smoke at all. It is amazing. These candles are everything Stacey made them out to be.I loved the handwritten letter I got along with my candles, it made it so much more personal, I am beyond pleased!

Field of Daisies smells amazing! It is so fresh, yet sweet. I love it. I’m looking forward to buying more candles from Stacey. She was wonderful and made my first experience with soy candles perfect!
— Ally, 2/8/2014

Wow! Everything about this was prefect. The packaging, the personal touch and they smell incredible! These candles burn so clean and the honeysuckle reminds me of my childhood. Even my son approved, tried to abscond with them.
— Morgan, 2/6/2014

I love how much effort Stacey puts into ensuring that her customers are happy. Opening a White Apartment package didn’t feel as if I “ordered” something from online. It truly felt as if I got a present in the mail from a dear friend! I especially like the personalized thank you card! I’m about to make another purchase! I am undoubtedly satisfied!

Field of Daisies really smells like fresh daisies. The smell is just so organic: not too strong but just right. It’s as if I’m surrounded by fresh daisies. Honeysuckle is sweet but not too sweet: just right! I bought it for my sister but I am keeping it because of how good it smells. A lot of honeysuckle scents tend to be very “girly” but this is not the case with this one. A guy would actually be okay with lighting this candle :-)

Days of Sunshine is my absolute favorite! I simply asked Stacey to pick a scent for me but instead she asked me a few questions and then came up with a custom scent for me. Days of Sunshine is the epitome of a “me” scent. Stacey managed to capture my personality and put it in a candle.

This scrub smells amazing! I was pleasantly surprised that it has olive oil and just how simple it is. My hands feel so soft after exfoliating with it just one time. My sister tasted it and said that it was yummy BUT I’ll be keeping it away from her because I love how it feels! I’m so happy with this purchase!

This scarf is extremely soft and warm and very well made! I love how thick it is but at the same time it’s very gentle. The packaging was cute too! I didn’t want to open it because of the lovely ribbon it was wrapped in. I can’t wait to wear it out in public! :-) You can’t go wrong with this price!
— Di, 2/1/2014

I cannot find sandalwood melts anywhere! Thank you Stac for my custom order, my house has never smelled so wonderful!
— Laura, 1/23/2014

Awesome candle! [Clean Laundry] is my favorite scent. I leave it open in my bathroom unlit and I can still smell it across the room!
— Seth, 1/23/2014

Love these candles! The scents are amazing and true. Will definitely be ordering more very soon.
— Kristin, 10/15/2013

These are the cutest!! I am giving them as Christmas presents to my great niece and great nephew. I showed them to my great nephews mom, my niece, and she loved it. My sister, both kids grandmother, loves them as well. Thanks again for them. The ball cap and the flower on them are perfect.. Thanks so much again!!!
— Stacy, 10/13/2013

I absolutely love this chair!!! Exactly as described and will definitely become the conversation piece in the room! Shipping and delivery were on time and it arrived in mint condition!! Thanks again Stacey for a unique and beautiful chair!
— Patty, 10/3/2013

I absolutely love my little elephant! He is adorable! I loved being able to work with Stacey and choose the colors and also add a baseball cap instead of the flower in the picture. He is going to be a present for my son who will be born in a few months, who I’m sure will love him dearly! Stacey is one talented person, that’s for sure! :)
— Alicia, 8/18/2013

This sugar scrub is amazing!! I used it for the first time on Sunday and my hands were still so soft on Monday afternoon!!! Can’t wait to try it in the shower!!! Highly recommend this product.
— Darcy, 6/25/2013